Here are some things that we participate in during the year:

For the past 40 years, the club has brightened the lives of some of the less fortunate people at Christmas time by buying, collecting gifts, and food for them.  The people businesses, and organizations have always heavily supported our efforts with this project.

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The club produced the City's Christmas Parade three times in the 1980's
Since 1990, some of the members and guests have gotten together at Dogwood Lake in Glendale, Indiana, to participate in the annual "Bunyanizin Weekend".
It is always held on the weekend before Memorial Day, and there are no formalities; just a get-together to experience the great outdoors, fishing, & camping.  There's just one thing to remember: 
D.R. Underwood hand-built this Sleigh and Reindeer for the 1986 Christmas Parade
July 17, 2020
As of now, all Carfest & Cruiz-In events have been cancelled for this year!